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  • Vertical Lip Lines! Lower & Upper Lips Perioral Renewal Treatment Matrixyl 3000 - Clear - Vanilla

    $15.99 $9.99

    Ok, first I have to tell you this is very Vanilla. Not meaning boring - not at all~! The flavor and aroma of vanilla is very strong and to me, delightful in this. But if you don't like vanilla, you won't like this -- it would still be very effective. 

    Color - Clear, super high gloss

    1/4 oz - .25 oz

    Problem - Vertical lip lines and deflated lips

    Solution - Lip Goo

    * Promotes collagen production

    * Promotes cellular repair

    * Promotes hydration

    * Promotes DNA integrity and replication

    * Promotes increased circulation for deeper pink full lip tissue 

    This formula is prepared with the most medically advanced and clinically proven ingredients on the market today.

    This is NOT your smoke screen lip plumper where results are negligible at best. 

    The results of this top shelf formula are deeply gratifying. 

    You will feel relieved, exuberant and renewed. 

    Give your number one beauty accessory a massive upgrade.

    Wear it thick as an Uber lip gloss - wear it over our lip plumping balms - smear it in above and below the lip line to treat those vertical lines. This will be easiest to do at night before bed or when no one is around due to the high sheen quality =) 


    This is going to make you feel like a kid again with those roll-on lip glosses and the sweet aroma. Soon diminished lines will make you feel even more like a kid~!