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  • RAPID NAIL by ModelSupplies Nourishes Nails, Dries Nail Polish Length Growth Hardens Treatment .5 oz

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    New Label~!

    Now with Copper Peptides!


    Now with Copper Peptides~!

    (Formula is a little bit cloudy)

    .5 oz / 15 ml Bottle of



    Paint onto nail beds, cuticles and under tips every night

    and massage gently...then




    The following review is from ekpus95  and corresponds to the series of pictures. (The other 2 pictures are my before (green polish) and after (purple polish)).

    Rapid Nail Growth is the best nail product I have ever used!! Before I had used it, my nails easily broke and chipped, despite a balanced diet. Now, however, my nails are gloriously strong, and naturally glossy. With its wonderful, spa-like scent, this oil is wonderful to apply. I have been properly following the bottle's instructions, putting it on twice a day (once in the morning, once in the afternoon.) Here are photos in three-day increments of my nail progress/length. 

    Day 1: Without polish, one nail had a recent bruise and the tips were slowly chipping. (I applied the polish 2x.)

    Day 4: While painted, my nails had grown a bit and where stronger at the ends. (The chipping reduced significantly!)

    Day 7: My nails had grown once again and retained their hardness. (I was able to press on my nails without pain!)

    Day 10: Much growth occurred since Day 1. The bruise was healing (Due to the natural ingredients in the serum!)

    Day 13: This was after an oil application. My nails became as strong as acrylic. (In less than two weeks!) 

    This product has been so successful for me, and I attribute this to its natural components (soy bean oil, olive oil, etc.) The copper peptides also aided in making my nails super strong. My fabulous experience has made me a loyal user! This is the only nail strengthening product that I now swear by!



    Anita | ModelSupplies


    And use it to DRY your nail polish, too! It will do that job, while continuing to nurture your nails! I mostly use it this way and need to cut back my nails every other week. I am NOT kidding - it really is that easy to have 10 great nails all the time! And I type and work with my hands constantly, too. Also used to have the peeling, splitting problems...this stuff is so vitamin rich!~

    ModelSupplies Rapid Nail contains Salicylic Acid, too, an ingredient often used to fight nail fungus. This is not a product specifically for that purpose, but it can help. My cuticles are even in better shape than they have been my whole life!

    And it keeps


    Every Day you Use it!

                Strengthening, moisturizing and making nails longer and stronger than ever before! No more split nails! No more Painful breaks into the quick! Say good-bye to short, weak nails and hello to long, strong talons!

    Don't forget to use it to speed nail polish drying, too!

    Great for Typists & People Who Get

    Their Hands Wet Often!


    Use Under & Over Polish!

    Please check ingredients in case of allergies. 

                Contains: Soy Bean Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Aloe, Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Oil, Lavendar OIl, Wheatgerm Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, DMAE, Rosemary Oil Extract, Copper Peptides, Polysorbate (emulsifier) other proprietary ingredients.