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  • ModelSupplies Body Cinching Lotion DMAE ALA Ester-C HA Caffeine Serum Skin Tightening Silky Non Greasy - Excellent During Weight Loss 1 oz SAMPLE

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    Now with Actigym~!

    *May be in black flip top bottle due to issues with the pumps*

    Use while you lose weight to tighten the loosening skin~! Avoid needing surgery after your weight loss. I have personally lost over 45 lbs recently and have NO HANGING SKIN WHATSOEVER because I have used this all along. I only use it when I come out of the shower. It's not a big time commitment. You could probably glean greater results if used more often, but I am living proof that it is not necessary. Update: I have gained that weight back, but didn't get stretch marks because I'm using this. I'm afraid to think what will happen if I stop using it with my weight fluctuations~! 

    I don't think I would use this DURING pregnancy or nursing because of the caffeine content. Anything that goes onto your skin gets into your system which is why we look for the most natural ingredients, but the caffeine is probably not good for baby, so please wait until you are finished nursing =) It will be fabulous then~! 

    30 ml. / 1 oz.

    Changing from Pump bottles 

    To Black Flip Top Cap bottles

    (We had some problems with the pumps)


    Non-Greasy Formula  delivers all the right things to all the right places!

    Use after every shower.

    It's a Cinch~!

    ...Body Cinch

    for the skin on your body...

    Nurtures your skin. Restores, enhances and supports elasticity.

    Do you want to have the smoothest, silkiest, healthiest skin you can have?

    This is it~!

    Top of the Line!



    Proprietary Formula with extra DMAE and Caffeine~!

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